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Alpha Website Launched!

[No-BS] Gaming has launched its alpha website! We are developing an interactive website for our bots and community. Any ideas? Join us on Steam. We are the [No-BS] Gaming group!

New Functionality!

We added some great new functionality, for Team Fortress 2 you can now see all your stats just by signing into this site and navigating to the 'My Stats' section. Functionality is introduced by community demand. You asked, we added it!

Games are coming to the website!

Raffles, Lotto and more!

Added an MvM Section

Many of our members are avid MvM players. There was hidden functionality on this site which has now opened to the public! Don't hate, just embrace the humor.

MvM Rules -- Have you ever heard in an MvM game "There is no such rule!", well here is a perfect response to that. Since there are no official posted rules, we decided to write our own. Thanks to all the friends of [No-BS] Gaming we put together a fun list of rules.

MvM Soundboard -- You have to have a sense of humor to enjoy this one. Thanks to A Big Pile of Dicks for allowing us to put this soundboard together. [No-BS] Gaming now has the only MvM Soundboard known to exist and now you can enjoy one with your host A Big Pile of Dicks.

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